We were successful in raising the funding from a Breathing Spaces lottery Grant and with the support of Barratt Homes start to build a garden of wildflowers to replace the old disused paddling pools in Dukes Meadows, the flowers will be planted later this year to produce a blossom filled display when completed.

Barratt Homes delivered gravel extracted from the Thames so that the garden soil will be typical of a riverbank habitat.

Chiswick House Kitchen Garden is now looking after potted flowers planted by St Mary’s Primary School pupils. Over the next few months the flowers will be brought to Dukes Meadows along with new benches, a gate and a sign.

The Trust’s Chairman Kathleen Healy thanks all the groups involved and said: “ This is a really good way of turning the derelict pools into something lovely that people can enjoy” 
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Dukes Meadows
Wildflower Garden Project
Dukes Meadows Wildflower Garden Project 2008
Construction and Official Opening 9/10/2008
The project was started by the trust in partnership with CIP, Hounslow Councils leisure arm. Ecologist Chris Slack from CIP helped create a balanced habitat that will encourage insects and wildflowers. 
Wildflower Garden under construction January 2008
Cllr Paul Lynch officially opened the newly planted wildflower garden on the site of the old paddling pools, (see photo on left) A real local collaboration, the plants began life in the Kitchen Garden at Chiswick House.
Official opening 9th October 2008
Newly planted garden with new sign
Cllr Paul Lynch officially opening the garden
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