Welcome Interpretation Sign
Ricky Grimes and Students of Chiswick Community School
We are delighted that work has started with our chosen artist
Ricky Grimes and the Students from Chiswick Community School on creating the Welcome/ Interpretation Sign for the entrance to Dukes Meadows from Corney Reach.
The piece will comprise of two sculptures covered with ceramic
tiles, which will be made by students from the school. We have had a number of meetings with local residents to get their input and support for the proposal and eagerly await the installation of the pieces early in the New Year.
We are particularly grateful to the Head David Brockie and Head of Art Andy Davolls for their help and support.
Students  at Chiswick Community School are seen hear assisting artist Ricky Grimes with the sculptures
Chiswick Community School Students preparing the sculpture for Dukes Meadows
"Deanne Jones" a trustee of the Friends of Dukes Meadows
said: "It has been great to see so many people coming together to make this happen. " We hope that it will be the beginning of an ongoing relationship between the Friends and the School."
Students at Chiswick Community School prepare
the sculpture destined for Dukes Meadows
Update: 29 March 2003
Today the 29th March 2003 Councillor Paul Lynch and Leader John Chatt came to Dukes Meadows to assisted us in
unvailing the Welcome Sign Sculptures at the Corney Reach Entrance
Cllr Paul Lynch and Cllr John Chatt
Ricky Grimes and Students
Cllr John Chatt and one of the Sculptures
Cllr Paul Lynch & John Chatt
leader of Hounslow Council
explaining to all assembled
at the Pier House about our Welcome Sign project for the entrance to Dukes Meadows
John Chatt kindly agreed to carry out the unveiling of the sculptures at the Corney Reach entrance to Dukes Meadows
Ricky Grimes artist & sculptor with some of the students
from Chiswick Community School who helped to design
and make the sculptures locally at their school art studio
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Friends of Dukes Meadows
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Signatures of Chiswick School Students and Ricky Grimes
Ricky Grimes and Chiswick Community School Signatures
on the sculptures
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