Promenade Tree Laying
Recent line of trees looking east from Bandstand
The FoDM in partnership with CiP are starting to lay
felled trees donated by "The Tree Company" along the
south edge of the Promenade Road to stop unauthorised
parking or long term stay of large or heavy vehicles on
the grass area from the road to the towpath.
View from inside the tree wall
In doing so we are providing gaps in the tree wall for disabled
access and families with children's pushchair's ect, but not big enough for any vehicle.
We have also accommodated the unofficial cycle path with a slight detour of half a metre at the Promenade Road end; this hopefully will provide a safer exit onto the road for cyclists.
Recent line of trees looking east from Bandstand
View from inside the tree wall
The work will take place on the days the trees become available and delivered to site, so there will be gaps in-between our working days. The trees will be tided up and grass seed put down on the disturbed earth packing the trees in the ground.
The tree laying on the Promenade has now been completed by the CiP contractor and runs the full length
of the the Promenade. The FoDM have fitted reflective materiel to the ends of the trees so they can be seen at night by vehicle drivers and cyclists alike.

The rain that's starting to fall this October will help bead the trees down and weather them in,  hopefully by the spring they will look as though they have always been there and act as a barrier to stop unauthorised vehicle parking.
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