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New Thames Path Construction in Dukes Meadows
New path under construction
New path under construction
7th November 2003 Update
Work on creating a new riverside footpath on Dukes Meadows is well underway. The path will run from Barnes Bridge to Chiswick Bridge offering walkers and joggers a safe alternative to the busy road as well as views over a very beautiful stretch of the Thames. Views have already been improved by an earlier project to tackle the Japanese Knotweed infestation along the riverbank.

Both projects were joint initiatives between CiP, The Friends of Dukes Meadows, Thames21 and Hounslow Council and highlight the way in which a voluntary group, Local Authority and CiP, the Councils cultural and community regeneration agency, can achieve improvements together that none could achieve alone.
Andrew Life, Paul Middlemiss,  Doug Napier , Deanne Jones
The new surface being laid by a CiP employee
The new surface being laid by a CiP employee
Andrew Life, (cip) Paul Middlemiss, (cip)  Doug Napier, (cip) Deanne Jones (Thames21 & Fodm)
Old Press Release for a Public meeting Held on
18th November 2003
Press Release for Public Meeting on the 18th November 2003
2003 / 2004
New photos taken on 1-02-2004 of the full
length of the path
As the new photos were being taken of the Thames Path, the general public were stopping
and commenting on what a great improvement the path has made to their daily walks, and
for opening up the river views, which they haven't seen for a very long time. There is also the added safety factor of separating pedestrians from vehicles, so its a big thank you to all concerned. Especially Deanne Jones of Thames21 who secured the funding for the project.
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