Promenade Approach Road Chiswick W4
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Dukes Meadows
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Entrance sign from 1926
Main Entrance gates to Promenade Approach Road
The Duke of York opened the Promenade Approach Road in Chiswick in 1926. It formed the vehicle and pedestrian entrance to the newly built riverside promenade and recreational area in Dukes Meadows.
After the road was flooded in approximately 1947 a flood barrier was formed in the early fifties form old wartime rubble, which was placed over the road between the pump house and the now Riverside Drive.
This action cut the road off from the main area of the park, so the main gates were closed at the Edensor Road entrance to only allow pedestrian access only.
Over the years that followed the park was well used, but in the 80’s went into decline after some of the recreational facilities were demolished and others fell into disrepair.

In the last ten years the Dukes Meadows recreational area has under gone a lot of regeneration, spear headed by the Dukes Meadows Trust, which has reintroduced the prominence of the old park entrance.  
Promenade Approach Road
All recreational facilities are on the right
The Promenade Approach Road pedestrian entrance now leads to the The Food Market Chiswick held every Sunday, The Children’s Water Play Area with paddling pool, sand pit and café opened in August 2006, The Adventure Playground opened in March 2010 for the older Child to let of steam.
Main Entrance of the Promenade
1926 sign still relevant  today
The Area is severed by two bus routes the E3 and 190, which also have links to Chiswick Station (South West Trains) and Turnham Green Station (District Line)  (Hammersmith Station) (Richmond Upon Thames Station)
Promenade Approach Road
All recreational facilities are on the right
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This Road is not considered a Highway by Hounslow Council so they will say it has nothing to do with them
As it’s the old entrance of recreation area of “Dukes Meadows” (and still is) it is the responsibility of
John Laing Integrated Services see the Hounslow Parks Website