Planting Project at Pevral Pier
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Friends of Dukes Meadows planting at Pevral Pier
A group of over 25 enthusiastic Friends got together to plant and dig for Dukes Meadows Sunday morning with the
welcome encouragement of passing walkers, runners and cyclists.
The Friends planted a mixture of trees, a mixed hedge and screening at the Corney Reach entrance to the Meadows,  following the plans provided by the CIP for this particular planting scheme, who also enabled the friends to purchase the trees and plants at a reasonable cost
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Pictured: Micky Lacey, Paul Davis,
Waheda Al-Mikdadi, Cllr Paul Lynch, Tim Mack.
Sue and Steve Newall, Simon Kirby, Manuel
Mouchinalares, Carole Beauchamp, Jake Oliver,
Paul Allen, Kathleen Healy, Nicholas Morrissey,

Front Row: The Volunteers Children
The oak, ash, silver birch and rowan trees are all native and will support a wide variety of wildlife; an oak tree will
typically harbour around 300 different species.

The mixed hedge is of hawthorn, blackthorn and holly whilst honeysuckle and ivy will screen the old crane base
of pevral pier.

Daffodils planted last year in the same area are now coming into bloom. The working morning marked another stage
in the implementation of the plan for Dukes Meadows and Tim Mack, a Friend of Dukes Meadows said

"This is the largest working group we have had so far and we are very pleased with the amount we have been able to do. We were very keen to improve the entrance to the Meadows and we hope everyone locally will help us by looking out for new plants."
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