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Friends of Dukes Meadows
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We are aiming to start planting the Community Orchard on the plateau in early November. This will create a lovely new feature in the park as well as a new habitat for wildlife. We will be planting around 300 trees. The majority will be 2-year-old whips, but we will also plant 20 larger specimens for some instant impact. We will be employing CiP to assist with the planting and for subsequent maintenance. The whips will be slot planted, which will be much quicker than digging holes, but with 280 whips to go in we will need lots of help.
Richard Briers and Pupils from Cavendish Primary School
Richard Briers with pupils and assistant Head Teacher Mick Flaherty from Cavendish primary school
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Community Orchard Sponsored by KRAFT FOODS
The Planting of the Orchard was completed in November 2004 and the Fodm wish to thank the Children and staff of Cavendish Junior School, Chiswick Community School, Employees of the BBC, Local Volunteers, and Richard Briers for all their help and enthusiasm in taking part in the Planting of this Community Orchard.
Completed November 2004
Dukes Meadows
Volunter Employees from the BBC
Richard Briers has given us his support along with the Children and staff from Cavendish School, and Chiswick Community School have indicated their willingness to help, if you would like to help in this wonderful community project please contact the Friends of Dukes Meadows for the up to date time's and dates when the planting will be taking place
Volunteer Employees from the BBC