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A New Artwork for Dukes Meadows
18th June 2004
The Fantastic Herons
The Fantastic Herons by Kevin Herlihy
Raja Segran, MP Ann Keen, Hope Gourde, Kevin Herlihy
Raja Segan, MP Ann Keen, Students of Cavendish School
A stunning new sculpture has been unveiled on Dukes Meadows in Chiswick
"The Fantastic Herons" by Kevin Herlihy
On Friday 18th June 2004, local Chiswick MP, Ann Keen, unveiled a spectacular
new Singapore Airlines Sculpture created entirely from recycled materials.
"The Fantastic Herons", named by Hope Gourde, age 9, from Cavendish Primary School, was funded by Singapore Airlines who held a series of art workshops with the school, together with the environmental charity Thames 21 and Friends of Dukes Meadows and head teacher Mrs Barbara Rigby.
Under the guidance of specialist artist Kevin Herlihy the children made nests, leaves and creatures for the sculpture.

The sculpture will be a permanent feature on the Plateau at Dukes Meadows and is designed to enhance the local environment
(l to r) Raja Segran, MP Ann Keen,
        Hope Gourde, Kevin Herlihy
Raja Segan, General Manager UK/Ireland for Chiswick-based Singapore Airlines, said: "We are privileged to have been involved in the "Fantastic Herons" sculpture and the young people involved should be proud of their work.

"The sculpture is a tribute to their creativity and reflects their desire to make a positive contribution to their community and surroundings"
Raja Segan, MP Ann Keen
with the students of Cavendish School, who performed a mirror mine to entertain those present
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