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The Hogarth Health Club
The Hogarth Challenge - Dukes Meadows 5 Mile Fun Run 2003
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The British Association of Road Races
The South East of England Athlectic Association
Hogarth Health Club Sponsors of
Dukes Meadows 5 mile Fun Run
in 2003
The Runners leaving the start line
Reps of Hogarth Club, Barclays Bank, CIP and Fodm
The Dukes Meadows 5 Mile Fun Run sponsored by the Hogarth Health Club
took place on the 14th September 2003. We the FoDM were delighted with the amount of people who gave up their free time on such a beautiful day and took part; they raised over £1000 to help restore the Meadows. The Fulham Brass Band played though out to keep the spectators entertained while a bouncy castle was provided to keep the children happy.
The Top Chiswick Corporate entry was Barclays Bank who entered four runners and raised £300 in sponsorship.
"There off" the runners leaving the start line
Damian Clarke was the first male runner across the finish line completing the 5 mile run in 29 minutes 58 seconds.
Angela Leach was the first female runner across the line in a time of 33 minutes. Both winners took home a Hogarth Club Trophy, bottle of champagne and a month's complimentary membership of the Hogarth Health Club.
Local Councillor and BBC man Paul Lynch provided excellent commentary for the event
Representatives of Hogarth Club, Barclays Bank,
CIP and FoDM getting ready for the day
Paul Davis, Chair of the Friends of Dukes Meadows said "We are tremendously grateful to the Hogarth Club for supporting the event and hope that we can make it an annual one".
Against good advice we unchained our webmaster to compete in the run, but we've lost him !
If you see someone looking like the photo on the right asking for the finish line, please can you point it in the right direction or the left if you feel so inclined. ;-)
Press Release 23/09/2003
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