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Dukes Meadows
Bovis Lend Lease
Bovis Lend Lease planting trees in Orchard
A team of twelve from Bovis Lend Lease planted 16 trees in the Orchard at Dukes Meadows in a project organized by local charity Dukes Meadows Trust. A selection of apples, pears, cherries and one Mulberry were added to those sponsored by Kraft Foods and planted in 2004. After two years of severe drought in 2005/6 some trees had been lost and the Trust was keen to fill the gaps.

Everyone enjoyed the day and it was a great opportunity for staff working in different departments at Bovis to meet each other ”It was great being out in the fresh air by the river" said Jonnie Allen a volunteer from Bovis.

Verity Thomson, Development Manager for Dukes Meadows Trust said “Volunteering with a local charity has great benefits for companies, offering people from different areas the chance to meet, learn new skills and work together; people get a great sense of achievement and feel good about the company they work for. Thanks again to everyone from Bovis who helped on the day. We really enjoyed working with them and hope to see them again! ”
The Community Orchard Project Sponsored by Karft Foods was completed in 2004
Bovis Lend Lease work on Dukes Meadows planting fruit trees in the Orchard
Bovis Lend Lease volunteer
planting trees on the day
Bovis Volunteers
Bovis Volunteers Planting Trees in the Orchard
Bovis planting Trees
Bovis Lend Lease Volunteers
DMTrust Trustee Planting new fruit trees in the Orchard
Dukes Meadows Trust