Vantage Points Bench Replacement Funded by Walk London
Replacement of the Vantage Point Benches constructed 10 years ago
Its been over 10 years since the first vantage point was cleared of years of self seeded undergrowth
and what was left of the old benches removed, the replacement  benches were manufactured and Installed by DMT volunteers in 1999.

Funding from Walk London in 2010, enabled the DMT volunteers to make and install new benches to replace the 1999 replacement benches and upgrade the vantage points
The first trail bench fitted in 1999
The first trial bench was fitted in early 1999, to see if the design and building method  were up to standard.

Once that was found to be ok the manufacturing of the original  replacement benches was carried out over 18 months by our volunteers on the trust's volunteering days with the iron work being made by a volunteer in a boat yard in Brentford.

The replacement project started early 2001, all the replacement benches were fitted by August 2001
The object of the original project was to create a number of nice area's where local people can just sit and enjoy the river view on a summer's day, have a picnic or read a book and relax. They have been well used in the last ten years for the boat race and many more pleasure pursuits
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Dukes Meadows
On the left is the same vantage point on the 16/04/2010 fitted with a new bench and upgraded surface and a good view of the River
New Bench and Surface 2010
On the right is another view of the new bench and the river towards Hammersmith 
Different view from the
same vantage point
On the left is the area were the vantage point is situated  along the Thames Path National Trail
Thames Path National Trail
More photos of replacement bench photos Here
The surface around the benches in the viewing bays was also funded by a grant from Walk London

The woodchip was replaced with compacted grave and a local company, Kiwi Landscapes, carried out the works.
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