Vantage Points Bench Building
We have now started our summer project of reinstating the Vantage Points along the river frontage on the Dukes Meadows Promenade.
We are clearing away the over grown area and building new benches which have been purchased from MSO Marine
in Brentfrord. Who designed, cut and resized reclaimed Elm from old river make the parts to fit the old
original bases, and to keep the bench's looking as authentic as possible
Local residents enjoying some refreshment on a sunny afternoon
The first trial bench was fitted by the FoDM back in 1999.
But since the project started this year, FoDM volunteers have cleared two vantage points and fitted two benches  with a third to be completed in a weeks time.
The object of this project is to create a number of nice area's where local people can just sit and enjoy the river view on a summer's day, have a picnic or read a book and relax, something we haven't been able to do on Dukes Meadows for a long time
First Bench Built June 2001
First Bench Built This Year June 2001
The Bench Building and Vantage point clearing is going very well, The FoDM volunteers have now installed Six benches between the 1st June & 22nd July 2001.
Hopefully the project should be completed by the end of August, although one vantage point is going to be quiet
a challenge to clear.
We have now completed the bench building project on schedule after tackling the last vantage point by Barnes Bridge
Vantage point bench built August 2001
The photo on the left shows the last bench
to be fitted. August 2001

This was the most difficult, as the vantage
point was completely overgrown and we had to cut away trees which had self seeded in between the bench supports. It is also however, one of the most attractive vantage points giving lovely views up river under Barnes Bridge.
Fodm volunteers having a well earned rest after fitting last bench August 2001
back row l to r, Paul Allen, Robin Hardie. front row l to r, Paul Davis, Diana Hardie, Sussy Burrett. Other bench builders
were Carole Beauchamp ( the driving force), John Bellringer, Simon Kirby. Plus our bench maker Jake Oliver
Testing the first bench.
Paul Allen seated in front of Tim Mack and
and Carole Beauchamp,
Flanked by Chris Rees and Michael Shearer.
I would like to thank all the volunteers for all their hard work and determination to complete this project on time
Testing first bench
Friends of Dukes Meadows
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