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Dukes Meadows
BBC Volunteers
BBC Volunteers working in Promenade Approach
BBC Volunteers make a dramatic improvement to the Promenade Approach entrance
Five volunteers from the BBC joined conservation charity Dukes Meadows Trust this week to make a dramatic improvement to the Promenade Approach entrance to Dukes Meadows, Chiswick.

They helped to pick up litter, repair the trellis and weed along the rose-bed ready to plant four new rose bushes and two Honeysuckles.

“The day was very enjoyable, the best part was seeing our work starting to change the landscape, and seeing the pile of mulch disappear!” said Ernestina Craig Hall, BBC Outreach Project Manager.

Verity Thomson, Development Manager for Dukes Meadows Trust said, “It was great to have such a willing team of workers on board with us to create further improvements to Dukes Meadows.
BBC Volunteers in Promenade Approach
A hearty thank you to all who volunteered and we look forward to working with you again in the future. We welcome new volunteers, both individuals and organisations, anyone who would like to get involved.” Please Contact Verity Thomson from our contact page