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I would like to thank Carolyn Hammond of the History dept of Chiswick Library for the help in the research of the newspaper articles from local & national newspapers of the time.
Dukes Meadows Chiswick, Area History
I would like to thank Gordon Stephenson Manager of Reckitt's Heritage
for his help in researching the material for the articles on Dan Mason and the Chiswick Polish Co Ltd Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare
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Borough of Brentford and Chiswick

Parted saltrirewise argent and gules, in chief the figure of St. Nicholas proper, in base two bars wauy azure, and in fess two seaxes with pionts upward and edges inward, their blades proper and their hilts or [Granted 1932]
The Motorway article has been reproduced from Chris Marshall website www.cbrd.co.uk