Adopt a Tree 2005
Friends of Dukes Meadows
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Dukes Meadows
Last Autumn Friends of Dukes Meadows planted a new community orchard on Dukes Meadows with the help of volunteers from the BBC and Cavendish Primary School. Local company Kraft Foods sponsored the project, which will create an attractive new landscape feature in the park and a valuable education resource to enable local children to see how fruit is grown. Local actor Richard Briers supported the initiative and helped the children plant the trees.
Larger Image of Cavendish School Children and Richard Briers
The whips in Blossom early this year
The more Mature Fruit Tree's
These little guys need a helping hand
The Friends have been watering the 20 mature trees planted, but were relying on the smaller whips to fend for themselves. Development Manager Kathleen Healy said, “in a normal year that would be fine and most would survive, but this year we have had a very dry winter and spring, the driest for 40 years and the summer looks set to be hot and dry to. The whips are getting very thirsty and to help them we are inviting people to adopt one and water it when they visit Dukes Meadows. A litre a couple of times a week could make all the difference”.
The Friends will be running a stall up on the Meadows so people can choose and label a tree, labels provided. Or you can contact Kathleen Healy on 020 8742 2225.
A Close up of one of the whips
Adopt a Tree in the Dukes Meadows Orchard
BBC Volunteers Planting Trees on Dukes Meadows
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